Saturday, January 24, 2009



my name is Pratik and I like many things

well then lets gets started.

My favourite sport is basketball.

I like it because it has action.also

i play it. i play NJB. Our team is named

the Gorillas .we won all our games.

We are rated 4 out of many teams.

our highest win was 43 to 18.I scored

17 points in all.on the right is one of

our games.


as you know my name is Pratik.

my moms name is anita my dads

is best friends name

is Jay and if you want to know more

about him you can visit him at

my home country india

im going to india this June.I cant wait

but the thing i dont like about india

is the big mosquitos.

nobody likes em'.


im in 4th grade

the school I go to is Challenger.

you can be lucky you dont go to

Challenger because they give you

about a billion pages o' homework

per day . the day is 10 hours long

and we get only 20 min. of recess.

we 8 tests every other week!

trust me you'll become a smarty pants

but hate the work